Alon Lischinsky's research and teaching


Erotic representations of gender diversity

Book chapter: Lischinsky, A. & Gupta, K. (forthcoming). Erotic representations of gender diversity: a computer-assisted linguistic analysis of online erotica. In: Aggleton, P. & Cover, R. (eds.). The Routledge Handbook of Gender, sexuality, Health and Rights. Routledge

In this chapter, we explore how gender diversity is articulated in the erotic imagination through a computer-assisted linguistic analysis of a large collection of amateur porn stories collected from Literotica (2016), one of the largest and oldest online spaces devoted to the genre. We argue that pornography, of which written erotica is a genre, allows for imaginings of gender-diverse bodies and experiences that may run counter to the constraints of mainstream queer discourse. We highlight the range of gender-diverse identities portrayed in these stories, how they are described and characterised, and the role that gendered experiences play in narrative development.

We focus on the terms ‘transgender’, ‘shemale’, ‘tranny’ and ‘sissy’ using techniques from corpus linguistics and stylistics. We examine the distinct patterns of use these descriptors show in our data, and explore the complex dynamics of masculinity and femininity, shame and euphoria, and individuality, transgression and community that these texts articulate

gender diversity, gender nonconformity, trans, transgender, shemale, tranny, sissy, trans studies, gender studies, erotica, pornography, online fiction, porn studies, corpus linguistics, corpus stylistics, corpus-assisted discourse analysis